Taxes: Somebody Has To Pay

The student will learn about paying taxes.

Teaching Objectives:

  •  Differentiate between “ability to pay” and “benefits
    received” tax theories.
  • Explain the differences between progressive and
    regressive taxes.
  • Identify the role of public goods and services.
  • Evaluate the costs and benefits of public goods and

Standard 2: The student will identify and describe the impact of local, state, and
federal taxes upon income and standard of living.

Suggested Grade Level

6th – 12th Grade

Lesson Excerpt:

People have been paying taxes to the government almost
since the beginning of time. The money collected supported
the empires of kings and provided revenue for military
efforts. While most people complain about paying taxes, they
still enjoy the goods and services paid for by the government.

Today, we pay several different kinds of taxes to local, state, and federal
governments and receive many goods and services in return. The tax structure of the
United States is based on two basic theories, and we have two basic forms of taxation
policy. Even so, it does not make paying taxes any less controversial.



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