Figuring Costs Using Fractions

Students will learn to use fractions to figure out costs.

Teaching Objectives:

  • Students will apply fractions to real- life situations involving costs.
  • Students will review multiplying fractions.
  • Students will learn to take a fraction of a cost.
  • Students will apply these skills when problem solving.

Suggested Grade Level

5th – 8th Grade

Lesson Excerpt:

There are many times in life when you will need to use fractions to figure out the cost of something.  Taking lessons to learn a skill is a real life example where you will need to use fractions to solve problems.

How do fractions become important when learning a new skill?

Well, depending on the skill, many times there is an introductory class that is offered at a fraction of the real cost of a regular class. Many different types of teachers do this to allow students the opportunity to figure out if they really want to learn the new skill.

You can see this type of an example with martial arts, horseback riding or scuba diving to name a few.

Because this introductory class is offered at a fraction of the cost of a regular class, students are often given “a deal” on the class.  To figure out such a deal, you will need to know how to use fractions.

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