How to Withdraw Money from an ATM Lesson

A lesson for students on the basics of how to withdraw money from the ATM machine. Includes tips to safely and efficiently withdraw money from an ATM, from inserting your debit card correctly to protecting your PIN.

Students learn the basics of withdrawing money from an ATM, including how to insert a debit card correctly and protect their Personal Identification Number (PIN). This beginner’s guide covers navigating the ATM menu, choosing between multiple accounts like savings and checking, and understanding any additional fees. Learn about confirming transactions and the crucial step of retrieving your debit card after the transaction are also included. These essential tips are valuable not just for beginners, but also for anyone looking to brush up on best practices for ATM use and daily financial management.


Use this video lesson on the topic of ATM basics. Learn related concepts of:

  • ATM Usage
  • Banking
  • Security Measures
  • Money Management
  • Spending Plans
  • Credit Management
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Institutions
  • Consumer Protection


7-12th grades. Middle School. High School. College. Adult Education.


45-60 minutes. It may be necessary to adjust the lesson plan and allocate more or less time to certain topics, depending on the needs and interests of the students.


Hand out the worksheet below (see the GET LESSON button near the bottom of the page).

Show students the video and have and have them complete the worksheet.  Review the questions on the worksheet.  A more comprehensive and detailed lesson plan can be accessed below for further instruction and study.

How to Withdraw Money from an ATM

After watching the video, have students tell what the most important things they learned from the video.


Lesson Plan: How to Withdraw Money from an ATM


By the end of this lesson, students will be able to:

  • Understand the steps involved in withdrawing money from an ATM.
  • Identify best practices for safety during the withdrawal process.
  • Apply the knowledge learned in real-world scenarios.

Materials Needed

  • A computer and projector for showing the video “How to Withdraw Money from an ATM.”
  • Whiteboard or flip chart for noting key points.
  • Handout with discussion questions.
  • Computers or smartphones for the AI chatbot activity.
  • Quiz handouts or digital quiz platform for assessment.

Time Required: 60 minutes

Introduction (10 minutes)

  1. Briefly introduce the importance of understanding how to use an ATM correctly and safely.
  2. Show the video “How to Withdraw Money from an ATM.”

Discussion (15 minutes)

Discussion Questions:

  • What are the basic steps for withdrawing money from an ATM?
  • Why is it important to shield the keypad when entering your PIN?
  • What should you consider when deciding the amount of money to withdraw?
  • What precautions should you take to make sure you don’t forget your debit card?
  • Can you think of any additional safety measures not mentioned in the video?

Activity 1: Role-play (15 minutes)


  1. Divide students into pairs.
  2. Ask one student to act as a customer and the other as the ATM machine.
  3. The “ATM” will present options verbally, and the “customer” has to respond appropriately.
  4. Switch roles and repeat.


This activity will help reinforce the steps and best practices covered in the video.

Activity 2: MI Chat chatbot (10 minutes)


  1. Students will log in to their computers or smartphones.
  2. Open the AI chatbot “MI Chat” which is programmed to ask questions about withdrawing money from an ATM.
  3. Students will interact with the chatbot, answering questions based on what they learned from the video.


The chatbot will provide immediate feedback and additional tips, helping to solidify the students’ understanding of the topic.

Quiz (5 minutes)

Administer a quick quiz covering the key points from the video. The quiz can include multiple-choice questions, true/false questions, and a short answer section where students explain a safety measure in their own words.

Wrap-up (5 minutes)

  1. Review the key points and best practices for withdrawing money from an ATM.
  2. Ask if there are any remaining questions or confusions.
  3. Encourage students to always be cautious and aware when using an ATM.


Students will be assessed based on:

  • Participation in the discussion and activities.
  • Performance on the quiz.
  • Quality of interaction with the MI Chat chatbot.

Lesson Resources

MI Chat Chatbot Tool

  • How to Withdraw Money from an ATM questions with MI Chat chatbot – Use the MI Chat chatbot to test your students’ understanding of the lesson. The MI Chat chatbot is an interactive platform designed to deepen understanding of various subjects, aligning with specific queries and thoughts. Offering personalized insights, it directs users toward a clearer grasp of topics, ensuring they match their learning pace, knowledge level, and cognitive goals.

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