Building Credit for Elementary Students

Title: Building Credit for Elementary Students

– Students will understand the concept of building credit.
– Students will learn the difference between good and bad credit.
– Students will know the importance of having good credit.

Materials Needed:
– Whiteboard and markers
– Pictures or illustrations of different items that require credit, such as a car or house
– Small toy or game to use as a reward during the lesson

Teaching Strategies:
– Use simple and understandable language.
– Engage students through visual aids and interactive activities.
– Encourage questions and discussion during the lesson.

Accommodations for Diverse Learners:
– Provide additional visual aid materials for students who may have trouble understanding verbal explanations.
– Allow for movement breaks or other accommodations for students with attention difficulties.
– Work in small groups or one-on-one for students who need additional support.

Assessment Strategies:
– Monitor student engagement and participation throughout the lesson.
– Ask questions to ensure understanding of the material.
– Provide a small quiz at the end of the lesson to assess comprehension.

Lesson Outline:
Introduction (5 minutes)
– Greet the students and introduce the topic of credit.
– Ask if any students know what credit is.

Activity 1: Good vs. Bad Credit (10 minutes)
– Explain the concept of good and bad credit.
– Show pictures of a car or house and ask which type of credit would be needed to purchase it.
– Use the small toy/game as a reward for correct answers.

Activity 2: Building Good Credit (10 minutes)
– Explain the steps to build good credit, such as paying bills on time.
– Have students create a worksheet or drawing of steps to build good credit.

Conclusion (5 minutes)
– Review the importance of having good credit.
– Answer any remaining questions.

Expected Outcomes:
– Students will understand the basic concept of credit.
– Students will know the difference between good and bad credit.
– Students will know how to build good credit.


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