Budgeting – an introduction

Title: Budgeting

Grade Level: 9th Grade

Lesson Objective:
Students will be able to understand the concept of budgeting and basic budgeting skills.

Teaching Strategies and Materials:
– PowerPoint presentation
– Whiteboard and markers
– Handouts
– Computer or laptop
– Online budgeting tools

Assessment Strategies:
– Quizzes
– Classroom participation
– Reflection writing

Accommodations for Diverse Learners:
– Lecture will be accompanied by visual aids
– Reading materials will be available in multiple formats
– Students will work in groups to allow for peer support

Lesson Content:
I. Introduction
– Discuss the importance of budgeting
– Share real-life examples of budgeting
– Explain key terms related to budgeting

II. Types of Budget
– Define different types of budget (e.g. personal, family, business)
– Explain how they differ in their purpose and application

III. Creating a Budget
– Walk through the steps of creating a budget plan
– Identify common expenses (e.g. rent, food, transportation) and their respective contributions to the budget
– Discuss techniques to save money without sacrificing quality of life

IV. Budgeting Tools
– Introduce various online budgeting tools available to assist in budgeting
– Showcase their features and benefits

V. Assessment
– Conduct a short quiz to assess understanding of budgeting concepts
– Allow time for reflection and questions

Expected Outcomes:
– Students should be able to define budgeting and types of budgets
– Students should be able to create a simple budget plan
– Students should be familiar with online budgeting tools


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