Homeowners Insurance Explained: Beginner’s Guide to Coverage, Cost, and Benefits Lesson

Students learn a lesson about the essentials of homeowners insurance, including its importance and what it covers. Get practical tips for choosing the right home insurance policy and filing a claim to protect your home and belongings. Homeowners Insurance 101.

In this discussion, students will learn all about homeowners insurance, including what it is, why you need it, and what it covers. Discover the importance of dwelling coverage, personal property coverage, and liability coverage. Get tips for choosing the right policy, understanding exclusions, and how to file a claim. Some of the largest and most reputable insurance companies include State Farm, Allstate, USAA, Liberty Mutual, Farmers Insurance, Nationwide, American Family Insurance, Chubb, Travelers, and Progressive. This guide is relevant for homeowners in California, Florida, Texas, New York, and other states. It will help you protect your home, belongings, and finances, ensuring you have the peace of mind every homeowner needs.


Use this video lesson on homeowners insurance. Learn basic related concepts of

  • Liability Coverage
  • Property Coverage
  • Choosing Policies
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Insurance Basics
  • Making Informed Decisions


9-12th grades. High School. Adult Education.


30-45 Minutes. It may be necessary to adjust the lesson plan and allocate more or less time to certain topics, depending on the needs and interests of the students. More in-depth lesson plan below will be longer.


Hand out the worksheet below (see the GET LESSON button near the bottom of the page).

Show students the video and have and have them complete the worksheet.  Review the questions on the worksheet.  For a more in-depth lesson, complete the lesson plan below.

Homeowners Insurance Explained: A Beginner’s Guide to Coverage, Cost, and Benefits

After watching the video, ask students to summarize the main points made in the video.


Lesson Plan: What is Inflation?

Lesson Plan: Home Insurance Explained


  • Understand the importance of homeowners insurance
  • Identify the key components of a homeowners insurance policy
  • Learn tips for choosing the right homeowners insurance policy
  • Discuss common exclusions and additional coverage options
  • Understand the process of making a claim

Materials Needed:

  • Video: “Home Insurance Explained”
  • Projector or screen for video viewing
  • Whiteboard and markers
  • Handouts with key points from the video
  • Quiz based on the video content

Lesson Duration:

  • Introduction: 10 minutes
  • Video Viewing: 15 minutes
  • Discussion: 20 minutes
  • Activity: 20 minutes
  • Quiz: 15 minutes
  • Total: 1 hour 20 minutes

Introduction (10 minutes):

  • Begin by discussing the concept of homeowners insurance and its relevance.
  • Explain the objectives of the lesson.
  • Introduce the video and what students should look out for during viewing.

Video Viewing (15 minutes):

  • Play the video “Home Insurance Explained”.
  • Encourage students to take notes on key points and questions they may have.

Discussion (20 minutes):

  • Ask students to share their thoughts and questions about the video.
  • Facilitate a discussion on the following questions:
    • What is homeowners insurance and why is it important?
    • What are the main components of a homeowners insurance policy?
    • Why do mortgage lenders require homeowners insurance?
    • What are some tips for choosing the right policy?
    • What are common exclusions in a homeowners insurance policy?
    • How does the process of making a claim work?
  • Summarize the key points discussed and clarify any doubts.

Activity (20 minutes):

  • Divide the class into small groups.
  • Provide each group with a scenario where they need to evaluate and choose a homeowners insurance policy.
  • Scenarios can include different home values, locations, and potential risks.
  • Groups will discuss and decide on the best policy for their scenario, considering coverage, deductibles, and exclusions.
  • Each group will present their scenario and chosen policy to the class, explaining their reasoning.

Quiz (15 minutes):

  • Hand out the quiz based on the video content.
  • Allow students to complete the quiz individually.
  • Review the answers as a class and discuss any incorrect answers to ensure understanding.


  • Recap the importance of homeowners insurance and the main points covered in the lesson.
  • Encourage students to review their own or their family’s homeowners insurance policies.
  • Answer any remaining questions and provide additional resources for further learning.

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