Insurance – Identifying and Managing Risk

Students learn about risk and insurance.

Teaching Objectives:

  •  Identify possible risks.
  •  Explain strategies for handling risk.
  •  Recognize the role of risk.
  •  Explain how insurance transfers risk to a third party.

Standard 11: The student will describe and explain how various types of insurance can be used to manage risk.

Suggested Grade Level

7th – 12th Grade

Lesson Excerpt:

Life is about risk. Individuals face some type of risk in everything they do and every decision they make. In most cases, we try to minimize the impact of risk by having insurance or other types of protection from loss. Or, we may look for ways to avoid risk by taking steps to prevent it. Finding a way to manage our risk will help protect our financial assets today and in the future.



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2 thoughts on “Insurance – Identifying and Managing Risk”

  1. This helps me raise awareness of the importance of good English when teaching an insurance agent how he/she can relate to a client about the risks that they could face. The agent should be able to describe the risks involved should the client have a poor sense of responsibility, for example. This kind of lesson topic can be used and integrated with modals like could and should.

  2. Again I cannot fail to express how important it is to get some risk insurance agents and underwriters to be able to converse better in some very important insurance companies so that they can communicate more effectively with their English speaking clientele. This situation has occurred to me and certainly others who teach at the job place especially in the province of Quebec and the city of Montreal.

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