Gambling — Risky Business

Students learn about the costs and benefits of gambling.

Teaching Objectives:

  •  Recognize gambling as a form of risk.
  •  Calculate the probabilities of winning in games of chance.
  •  Explore the potential benefits of gambling for society.
  •  Explore the potential costs of gambling for society.
  •  Evaluate the personal costs and benefits of gambling.

Standard 12: The student will explain and evaluate the financial impact and consequences of gambling.

Suggested Grade Level

7th – 12th Grade

Lesson Excerpt:

Gambling can be exciting, challenging and stimulating! Some people get a “rush” out of taking a chance, while others find it much too upsetting or risky. Gambling in the United States has just exploded in recent years, with almost every state legalizing some form of gaming activity. While gambling is a form of entertainment, it is also a risk. Like any other risky behavior, it can create financial losses for individuals and their families.



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