Checking Out Charitable Groups

Students learn about researching charitable groups.

Teaching Objectives:

  • Identify the reasons to research charitable organizations.
  • Explain how to research charitable organizations.
  • Use the PACED model to evaluate a charitable organization.

Standard 14: The student will explain the costs and benefits of charitable giving.

Suggested Grade Level

7th – 12th Grade

Lesson Excerpt:

Philanthropy, the act of giving to others, is practiced in every culture around the world. Charitable giving is as simple as taking food to a neighbor in need or donating to a national campaign, such as American Idol’s Give Back Campaign. While most charitable organizations are honest, some may not be.

Scammers and con artists will often take advantage of people’s generosity to get money, but use it for their own benefit instead. To get the maximum benefit from the donation, an informed contributor makes informed choices about giving time, money, and other kinds of charitable gifts.



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