Making Spending Decisions

Students learn about making spending decisions.

Teaching Objectives:

  • Gain self-confidence in making decisions.
  • Analyze simple alternatives.
  • Develop rational behavior patterns.
  • Practice making decisions in structured situations.

Suggested Grade Level

Pre-K – 2nd Grade

Lesson Excerpt:

From birth, a child has choices. At first parents make the decisions, but before the end of the first year, children are capable of making some simple selections. If children are allowed to make easy choices as toddlers, then making decisions for themselves as they grow becomes less difficult.

This lesson introduces guided, money-related, decision-making activities for children in preschool and kindergarten.

Guiding young children in simple choices now will give them the experience and confidence to make their own decisions as they grow. Making decisions teaches children responsibility and enhances their ability to function successfully in their teen and adult years. Confidence in decision-making enhances children’s control over their lives and gives them power. Very young children are able to analyze and choose between two equally positive alternatives without major negative consequences. As children grow older, they become able to select the best from among a greater number of alternatives.

Teacher’s Guide

Teacher’s Guide

Student Activities:

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