Spending Plans

Students learn about making spending plans and the importance of saving.

Teaching Objectives:

  • Identify categories for spending plans.
  • Recognize the importance of saving some money for future needs.

Suggested Grade Level

Pre-K – 2nd Grade

Lesson Excerpt:

Preschool-aged children are capable of learning simple spending plans. Early training in categorizing money establishes patterns for future money-management behavior.

This lesson introduces children to the concept of dividing their money into categories, namely “save,” “spend,” and “share.” We present activities that will help children understand that money is limited in quantity and must be divided for different purposes.

As children grow older, more categories can be added to their spending plans. Children learn to manage their own limited supplies of money. Making saving a category in spending plans can encourage this important habit as children reach their late teens. As adults, saving will seem natural for them and they will be inclined to save on their own.


Teacher’s Guide

Teacher’s Guide

Student Activities:

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