Allowances and Spending Plans

Students learn an introduction to allowances.

Teaching Objectives:

  • Recognize how to divide an allowance into a spending plan.
  • Learn how to balance income and expenses.
  • Gain confidence in preparing spending plans.

Suggested Grade Level

3rd Grade – 6th Grade

Lesson Excerpt:

Children in grades three through six are capable of managing small amounts of money. They can divide their money into several categories, including “spend,” “save,” and “give.” At the same time, they can spend their money and keep a record of what was spent.

This lesson provides an introduction to allowances for third through sixth graders. Allowances are the first step to understanding written spending plans or budgets. With guidance managing allowances in childhood, children can become financially responsible adults. Adults with effective budget skills create healthier family relationships and contribute to building a stronger economy.

Teachers and parents can encourage children to keep track of the money that they spend for their needs and wants.


Teacher’s Guide

Teacher’s Guide

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