Consumer Awareness – Decision Making Methods

In this lesson students combine decision-making methods with comparative shopping techniques, recognize common consumer scams, and provide the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively handle consumer complaints.

Teaching Objectives:

Use decision-making methods before purchasing a product or service

Customize and use a comparative-shopping chart

Identify alternative buying plans, and list the advantages and disadvantages of each

Identify various consumer scams, describe how they work, and explain what you can do if you find yourself caught in one

Understand how to handle a consumer complaint effectively

Understand how and why to keep records of your purchases

Identify federal and private sources for consumer information and consumer help


Suggested Grade Level

7th Grade – 12th Grade

Lesson Excerpt:

Decisions, decisions. With so many choices available to us, how can we be sure we’re making the right decision?

Wise consumer buying starts with a plan. Using a systematic purchasing strategy will provide students with an ability to make more effective purchases. Comparative shopping techniques will be discussed to encourage students to carefully consider price, product attributes, warranties, and store policies. Next, this lesson covers a variety of buying methods, such as buying clubs, shopping by phone, catalogs, online, and door-to-door selling.

Consumer buying makes a person a target for various consumer scams. While fraud in the marketplace is not new, the methods used have kept up with technology. Telemarketing fraud and deceptive internet promotions result in consumers losing billions of dollars each year. What actions should a person take to resolve a consumer problem? This question is answered with several suggestions in the next section of this lesson. Finally, students will learn about sources of help available to them through government agencies and other organizations.


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