Consumer Privacy – Overview & Awareness of Issues

In this lesson students and consumers are provided with a general overview and awareness of privacy issues that impact their lives.

Teaching Objectives:

  • Define what is meant by privacy in the information age
  • Explain the pros and cons of database profiles
  • Understand federal laws that offer privacy protection
  • Identify public and private sector sources of information
  • Understand key privacy issues as they relate to information sources, insurance, employment, direct mail, credit reporting, telecommunications, electronic monitoring, and Social Security numbers
  • Explain how to remove your name from mailing and telemarketing lists
  • Explain how to obtain a credit report


Suggested Grade Level

7th Grade – 12th Grade

Lesson Excerpt:

In today’s information age, keeping your personal financial information private can be challenging. What you put on an application for a loan, your payment history, where you make purchases, and your account balances are but a few of the financial records that can be sold to third parties and other organizations.

This lesson will discuss how public and private records are accessed and used by various organizations, as well as review privacy laws to protect your information.

Direct mail, credit reports, telecommunications, and Social Security numbers will be considered from the standpoint of what consumers can do to protect their privacy rights.

In addition, students will learn about their options as a consumer and ways to “opt out” of database profiles. Students will also learn about privacy in the workplace and the various issues related to their personnel files, electronic mail monitoring, and laws to protect their rights.


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