Writing Expressions with Different Money Amounts

Students will learn to write and evaluate expressions that have different money amounts.

Teaching Objectives:

  • Students will review writing expressions.
  • Students will review evaluating expressions.
  • Students will write expressions with different money amounts in them.
  • Students will evaluate those expressions.

Suggested Grade Level

6th – 9th Grade

Lesson Excerpt:

What is an expression?

An expression is a numerical statement that has variables, numbers and operations in it. An expression is not an equation. An equation is looking to be solved. There is only one solution to an equation. An expression is evaluated. Depending on given values, there may be more than solution to an expression.

Here is an example of an expression.


This expression means that we are multiplying 12 times an unknown number.
This expression could describe a situation involving money. Here is an example.

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