Money Expressions with Two Operations

Students will learn to solve money problems with two or more operations.

Teaching Objectives:

  • Students will learn to define an expression.
  • Students will learn to write expressions to solve problems.
  • Students will write expressions and solve problems with two or more operations.

Suggested Grade Level

6th – 9th Grade

Lesson Excerpt:

What is an expression?

A numerical expression is a mathematical phrase that has numbers and operations in it. A variable expression is a mathematical phrase that has numbers, operations and variables in it.

You may be wondering what an expression has to do with money; well many times there are problems that need to be solved regarding money. When this happens, we need to think about how to express the problem in a mathematical way so that we can solve it. This is where using an expression comes in.

Let’s look at an expression that has one operation in it.


Kyle is shopping for a present for his mother. He has decided to buy her four new coffee cups. After searching all day, he finally selects a set that he likes. Unfortunately, he has to buy each cup separately. One cup is $5.00. If Kyle purchases all four cups, how much will he spend?


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