Cash the Check and Track the Dough

Students will learn about checking accounts, savings accounts, and check-cashing services. They learn the components of a check and how to organize and enter information into a bank account register, balance a monthly account statement, and write a check. They also learn why maintaining account records is important.


  • Bank account register
  • Check Checking account
  • Check-cashing services
  • Direct deposit
  • Overdraft
  • Savings account


Students will

  • compare checking accounts, savings accounts, and check-cashing services;
  • explain what checks, debit cards, automatic deposits, and electronic payments are and how they are used;
  • explain the importance of maintaining records of deposits to, withdrawals from, and payments from a bank account;
  • explain the importance of balancing a bank account; and
  • demonstrate filling out and balancing a bank account register.

Grade Level

Middle School – High School

Time Required

60-75 minutes

Whiteboard (SMART/notebook)
Whiteboard (ActivInspire/flipchart)
PowerPoint (pptx)

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