Starting a Budget Introduction

Below are some budget lesson starters — printable worksheets to use with a teaching lesson introducing budgeting. Print both of the lessons below.


Suggested Grade Level

4th – 6th Grade.

Fourth Grade.  Fifth Grade.  Sixth Grade. Special education. Teens Teenagers Kids.


Worksheet #1:


Excerpt – Have you ever thought about what you would most like to buy when you begin to earn money? At some stage in your life you will have to make decisions on how to manage your hard-earned income. You will have to balance your spending and income. This is called “budgeting” …

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Worksheet #2:


Excerpt – Create a budget for yourself for the next week. Remember to record all the income you will be receiving. Make a list of your expenditures, prioritizing your needs and wants…

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2 thoughts on “Starting a Budget Introduction”

  1. I am currently working with several organizations that work with immigrants with English Level 1 or 2 skills as well as young adults with limited academic achievement (spotty school attendance, learning disabilities, etc.) .

    Do you have any personal finance materials I can adapt for these two audiences?

    Your input is appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Your lessons and resources are extremely helpful. I am able to adapt the materials to the level of my students and actually gained some good ideas for teaching the topic. Thank you.

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