Impulse Buying? Dog Orders Chocolate Bar

A dog orders a MrBeast chocolate bar.  Did he win the golden ticket? Here is a fun class or lesson starter for the TikTok or YouTube generation of students on the topics of impulse buying, money and spending.


MrBeast is a popular YouTube celebrity your students are likely familiar with.  He recently has started working with a food company, feastables, to market his new chocolate bars and contest he promotes on his YouTube channel.


Use this video on the topic to discuss the money concepts of

  • Needs and wants
  • Making impulsive purchases


Hand out the worksheet below (see lesson button below).

Show students the video and have them answer the questions on the worksheet.  Then have a discussion about impulse buying and needs and wants.


7-12, Young adults


20 minutes

Impulse Buying

Is it possible to buy an item without even thinking about it? You buy an item without thinking about the consequences.

Most people impulse buy, whether it’s a big purchase like a car or a small one like a box of chocolate. Retailers market themselves online and design their stores with impulse buying in mind and strategically place common impulse-purchased products.

A small impulse purchase, such as a candy bar, can be harmless. However, impulse spending on an even larger scale can cause ineffective budgeting, loss savings and poor financial planning. This is money that you can instead use to  pay your utility bills or save for college.

More Information on MrBeast and Feastables

Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast, is a well known YouTuber, a digital creator and philanthropist who has launched Feastables, a healthier snacking brand.  Feastables launched the MrBeast Bar, a chocolate bar made without gluten and containing simple ingredients like organic cocoa.  Donaldson was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease as a child and realized the importance of making high-quality snacks more easily accessible.

The current product portfolio is only the beginning of a larger vision. Donaldson will be Feastables creative visionary. Feastables will host sweepstakes worth over $1,000,000 in prizes and offers. Ten grand prize winners will be chosen to participate in a MrBeast video for a chance to win MrBeast’s Chocolate Factory.  Prices starting from $2.98 for individual bars to $49.99 for bundles.

@moneymittens Dog order MrBeast chocolate bar. Golden ticket win? #dogs #mrbeast #mrbeastchocolate #beastbar #dogslife #chocolate ♬ original sound – money mittens


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