Multiplying Decimals and Calculating Costs

Students will learn to multiply decimals to calculate costs.

Teaching Objectives:

  • Students will review multiplying decimals.
  • Students will apply multiplying decimals to real life situations.
  • Students will practice these skills in their independent work.

Suggested Grade Level

6th – 9th Grade

Lesson Excerpt:

When working with money, you will notice that money amounts are written in decimal form. The numbers to the left of the decimal point represent the whole number or dollar amounts and the numbers to the right of the decimal point represent the parts of a dollar or the change.


This means that we have three dollars and forty- five cents.

You have been working with money for a long time. When we calculate costs, we work with decimals. To understand costs, you must have some facility with decimal operations.

For this lesson, we will be multiplying decimals and whole numbers. Let’s look at how we multiply decimals and whole numbers and then we can apply this in some real life situations.

How do we multiply decimals and whole numbers?

To multiply a decimal and a whole number, we can start by multiplying the two numbers as if the decimal point did not exist. Let’s look at an example.

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