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Welcome to our page on checking! We believe that understanding how to manage a checking account is a crucial skill in financial literacy. Our resources are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of checking, including opening a checking account, writing checks, and balancing a checkbook. Whether you’re a teacher, parent, or financial educator, our collection of lesson plans, worksheets, and activities will equip you with the tools you need to teach these critical skills and empower students to become responsible checking account holders. From managing expenses to avoiding overdraft fees, our materials will help students master the skill of checking and become financially responsible individuals.

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    Cash the Check and Track the Dough

    Students participate in an activity to learn about checking accounts, savings accounts and check-cashing services. Students learn the components of a check, and they organize and enter information into an account register for a fictitious person in order to determine the person’s balance. Students learn why maintaining account records is important. Students balance a monthly account statement.

    Unit on Checking

    A unit on checking. Teaching Objectives: Students will be able to fill out a check with 90% accuracy Students will be able to explain all 6 parts of completing a check with  90% accuracy. Lessons How to Write a Check How to Make a Deposit Balancing your Check Register Simulation of an Auction Suggested Grade … Continue reading Unit on Checking

    Tracking Your Money

    The student will learn about checking,  the ability to balance a checkbook and reconcile financial accounts. Teaching Objectives: Explain the importance of reconciling a bank statement.  Distinguish between using a check, ATM machine, and a debit card.  Demonstrate the ability to balance a checkbook and reconcile a statement. Standard 4: The student will demonstrate the … Continue reading Tracking Your Money