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Welcome to our page on saving and investing! We believe that understanding how to save and invest money is a crucial skill in financial literacy. Our resources are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of saving and investing, including creating a budget, setting financial goals, and exploring different investment options. Whether you’re a teacher, parent, or financial educator, our collection of lesson plans, worksheets, and activities will equip you with the tools you need to teach these critical skills and empower students to take control of their finances. From building an emergency fund to exploring the stock market, our materials will help students develop healthy financial habits and achieve financial success.

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    How to Make a Budget – 5 Steps

    Learn the basics of how to create a personal budget, including 5 simple steps. CONCEPTS Use this video lesson on the topic to discuss the terminology and basic economic and related concepts of Income Spending Saving Budgeting PROCEDURE Hand out the worksheet below (see the GET LESSON button near the bottom of the page). Show … Continue reading How to Make a Budget – 5 Steps

    Creating a Spending Plan

    LESSON DESCRIPTION Students will use given information to create a monthly spending plan, also known as a budget. In this lesson, they will develop the abilities needed to make an effective plan to budget monthly spending goals. A spending plan must detail exactly how you are going to use your cash to cover the things … Continue reading Creating a Spending Plan

    Understanding your Money Habits

    LESSON DESCRIPTION In this lesson, students learn to understand and identify what are their money habits. Every money decision you make either reinforces good or bad money habits.  The first step toward creating good money habits is to first identify the money habits you currently have. Distribute the attached worksheet to students.  They should first … Continue reading Understanding your Money Habits

    Savvy Savers – Benefits of Interest-Bearing Accounts

    Students calculate compound interest to identify benefits of saving in interest-bearing accounts. They learn the “rule of 72” and apply it to both investments and debt. They learn that there is a relationship between the level of risk for an investment and the potential reward or return on that investment.

    Saving & Investing – Making Choices

    Introduce the advantages and disadvantages of common savings and investment vehicles, and show the short and long term effects of various savings and investment choices. Teaching Objectives: List and prioritize some of your short- and long-term budget goals List and explain some of the advantages of saving money Understand the concept of “pay yourself first” … Continue reading Saving & Investing – Making Choices