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Welcome to our page on real estate! We believe that understanding how real estate works and how to manage it is an essential aspect of financial literacy. Our resources are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of real estate, including buying, selling, renting, and investing in property. Whether you’re a teacher, parent, or financial educator, our collection of lesson plans, worksheets, and activities will equip you with the tools you need to teach these critical skills and empower students to become knowledgeable real estate consumers. From understanding the home buying process to exploring investment properties, our materials will help students make informed decisions about real estate.

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What is a Mortgage?

Learn the basics of a mortgage loan for buying a home, types of mortgage lenders, and types of mortgages.  An introduction to mortgages. CONCEPTS Use this video lesson on the topic to discuss the terminology and basic economic and related concepts of Mortgages Purchasing a Home Home Loans Interest Rates Budgeting and Monthly Expenses PROCEDURE … Continue reading What is a Mortgage?

Buying a House

Students learn about buying a house including reasons, financing, and the costs and benefits. Teaching Objectives: Discuss the reasons that people buy.  Explain the elements of a mortgage (e.g., down payment, escrow account, due date, late feeds and amortization table).  Explore the different types of lenders and housing loans.  Recognize other costs associated with homeownership, … Continue reading Buying a House

Housing Alternatives

Students learn about different types of housing. Teaching Objectives: Identify various housing alternatives. Determine local housing options, both renting and buying. Standard 10: The student will explain and compare the responsibilities of renting versus buying a home. Suggested Grade Level 7th – 12th Grade Lesson Excerpt: One of the most significant financial decisions people make … Continue reading Housing Alternatives