How to Write a Check: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners Lesson

A lesson for students on the essential steps and tips of check writing. Covering every step of filling out a check to someone from dating the check to dollars and cents, and the essential final signature.

Students learn the fundamentals of check writing in this lesson. Even though many of us lean heavily on digital transactions, there are scenarios where paper checks are still the go-to or only method of payment, such as rent or personal payments between friends. This lesson guides students on how to correctly write a check, from filling in the date, correctly specifying the payee, writing the amount in numerals and words, to signing the check. Additional insights include the importance of the “Memo” section, and essential tips like using a pen in blue or black ink, starting a new check if mistakes are made, and tracking check transactions to avoid surprises.


Use this video lesson on the topic of how to write a check basics. Learn related concepts of:

  • Transaction Recording
  • Payment Authorization
  • Payment Purpose
  • Money Management
  • Spending & Saving
  • Payment Methods
  • Financial Responsibility


9-12th grades. High School. College. Adult Education.


45-60 minutes. Adjust the lesson plan and allocate time to certain topics based on the needs and interests of the students.


Hand out the worksheet below (see the GET LESSON button near the bottom of the page).

Show students the video and have them complete the worksheet.  Review the questions on the worksheet.  A more comprehensive and detailed lesson plan can be accessed below for further instruction and study.

How to Write a Check | Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

After watching the video, have students tell what the most important things they learned from the video.


Lesson Plan: How to Write a Check


By the end of the lesson, students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the process and importance of writing a check properly.


  • Video titled “How to Write a Check”.
  • Sample checks or blank check templates.
  • Pens (preferably blue or black ink).
  • Whiteboard or projector.
  • Quiz sheets.
  • Devices with access to the “MI Chat chatbot”.

Introduction (5 minutes):

  1. Begin with a question: “How many of you have ever written a check?”
  2. Discuss the shift to digital transactions and the decreased use of checks.
  3. Briefly outline the importance of checks in certain situations.

Video Presentation (10 minutes):

Play the video titled “How to Write a Check”. Encourage students to take notes during the video.

Discussion Questions (10 minutes):

  • Why might some people still prefer or require checks over digital payments?
  • What is the significance of dating a check?
  • Why is it important to write the payee’s full name correctly?
  • How do you write out the amount in words on a check?
  • What is the purpose of the “Memo” or “For” section on a check?
  • Why is the signature vital on a check?

Activity (15 minutes):

  1. Hand out sample checks or blank check templates to each student.
  2. Walk them through the process of writing a check, step by step.
  3. Ask students to write a mock check to “Jane Doe” for $152.50 with the memo as “Books Purchase”.
  4. Collect the checks and discuss common errors or issues.

Quick Tips Recap (5 minutes):

  1. Reiterate the importance of using a pen and the reason behind using blue or black ink.
  2. Discuss the importance of starting over with a new check if a mistake is made.
  3. Talk about the importance of keeping track of written checks.

Quiz (10 minutes):

Distribute a quiz sheet containing multiple choice, true/false, and short answer questions based on the video content. Once completed, go over the answers together.

Homework Activity: AI Chatbot Interaction (To be done at home, 20 minutes):

  1. Ask students to interact with the “MI Chat chatbot”.
  2. The chatbot will ask questions related to the concepts covered in the video.
  3. Encourage students to engage deeply with the chatbot and revisit their notes or the video if they are unsure about any answers.

Conclusion (5 minutes):

Reiterate the importance of knowing how to write a check correctly. Highlight that while checks may be less common today, they remain a valuable tool in certain situations. Remind students to interact with the “MI Chat chatbot” for their homework assignment and to come prepared with any questions or challenges they faced during the interaction.


Students will be assessed based on their participation in class discussions, their mock checks, the results of their quizzes, and their interaction with the “MI Chat chatbot”.

Lesson Resources

MI Chat Chatbot Tool

  • How to write a check questions with MI Chat chatbot – Use the MI Chat chatbot to test your students’ understanding of the lesson. The MI Chat chatbot is an interactive platform designed to deepen understanding, aligning with specific queries and thoughts. Offering personalized insights, it directs users toward a clearer grasp of topics, ensuring they match their learning pace, knowledge level, and cognitive goals.

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